Thermal Imaging

In everything from thermal imaging inspections to indoor air quality testing, we look at every inspection as an opportunity to inform the client about every aspect of the home and property inspection. We encourage the client to attend the inspection from start to finish thus allowing opportunities to explain defects in the home, point out materials used that are of lower quality, maintained and upkeep tips for the home, and any questions that you may arise during the course of the inspection.

infrared-thermographic-inspectionSample image generated from thermal imaging inspections

OUR EXPERIENCE - With over 8000 home inspections performed, all Insight Inspectors are Nachi certified, have experience in the building and remodeling trades and arrive with the latest technology to inspect your home or investment property. We are not at the property to remodel the home. However, having building and remodeling experience gives an our Property Inspector advantages when inspecting your potential property to discover and thoroughly explain issues of the home or building.  Why hire a property Inspector who has never worked on a house but simply taken a test?  Our Property Inspectors specialize in taking the time to educate the client about the home and photo-document potential defects in a beautiful report. In addition, the report includes professional illustrations, links to the internet, a photo gallery section and summary page…

We offer:
 – Each Inspector arrives to the property with state of the art inspecting equipment including Moisture Meters,  Thermal Image Technology, Carbon Monoxide, and Gas Leak Detectors to give you the most complete inspection. Customers have the convenience of scheduling an appointment online and receiving immediate confirmation. No more waiting for inspectors to call you back! Insight Property Inspectors are available 7 days a week. Customers will receive their comprehensive detailed reports the same day.


 uses infrared technology to detect small differences in temperature or anomalies in materials. This is a very useful tool in detecting hidden leaks in homes that are not visible to the eye. Every material has a unique thermal signature and when moisture, heat, or cold are introduced into the structure, the thermal signature changes. As a non-invasive testing tool, it can quickly help discern where there are hidden leaks. A home inspector using Thermal Imaging Technology will find more hidden leaks than a home inspector NOT using this technology. Thermal Image technology is used at every Insight property inspection to scan for possible hidden leaks.

We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible to address all of your concerns. Whether you are buying your first home, selling your present one or need to know the condition of a property, Insight Inspections is glad to help you. Get a quality home inspection from a company you can trust.



  • Thermal Imaging available on every inspection
  • Comprehensive detailed reports that are easy to read
  • We are available 7 days a week
  • Fast Response Time
  • Reports within 48 hours
  • Experienced inspectors with over 8000 successful inspections completed
  • Easy scheduling through website
  • Photo Gallery pages included to show pictures of rooms for reference
  • Summary pages included
  • Pool and Spa inspections available
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  • Thermal Imaging 
  • CO Test (Carbon Monoxide)
  • Gas Leak Testing

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